Whylemin Shares Debut Single ‘Do You Ever Wonder’

Whylemin, the moniker of Swedish singer, songwriter and pianist Sofia Ahnborg, has just shared her official debut single Do You Ever Wonder, out now via her own label Whylemin Music. 
Do You Ever Wonder is an atmospheric piano ballad wrapped around lush electronics that create an overall dreamy and expansive atmosphere that gives me Billie Eilish and Lykke Li. This is a song about trying to mend a broken heart, only to realise that it breaks even more. Whylemin shares the struggles of being left with questions that will never get an answer, not allowing us to truly mend our hearts, just waiting for time to make it hurt a little less. I am loving Whylemin's strong, expressive vocals which beautifully draw our attention to her relatable and honest storytelling. I am particularly fond of the lush piano melodies which are paired with moody electronics that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Whylemin said,
Being able to make music out of ugly feelings like bitterness and desperation has been a way of not letting them take over my life. In 'Do You Ever Wonder' there is both anger and love and it can be difficult to distinguish what is what, as it happens when you are let down by someone you love.