Tnola Shares New Single ‘Hearbeat’

British singer and songwriter Tnola has just shared her brand new single Heartbeat, a super smooth piece of alt-R&B music. 
I am really enjoying Tnola's gorgeous vocals which are packed with so much heart and soul, effortlessly connecting the listeners to her relatable storytelling. Heartbeat is a song about wishing you could take back a whole relationship to save yourself from betrayal and heartache. How many of us have wished the same as to avoid all the pain we went through. This relatable song is wrapped around a polished production that features haunting synths and strings that are nicely intertwined with a cool beat that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for Tnola's expressive, soulful vocals and lush harmonies to soar. This is one of those songs I'd play during those chill days home alone. Check it out below!