tmdistant Shares New Single ‘hostage’

British 19 year-old singer-songwriter and occasional rapper tmdistant has just shared his brand new single hostage, a raw, relatable piece of music out now via Nü Inc. Sound. 
I am really enjoying his passionate vocals and how dynamic his vocal delivery is, effortlessly connecting us to his relatable storytellinng. hostage is a personal song that details his pain and suffering while in a toxic relationship where he was stuck in a cycle of emotional abuse. This personal message allows for tmdistant to give a truly stunning vocal performance over a captivating production by Australian duo IMMORTAL. Apart from his gorgeous, passionate vocals I am very fond of the infectious beat and how the song is packed with raw, honest emotion. 
Accompanying the release, tmdistant has shared its captivating music video, directed by Sorin D. Visuals, tmdistant + noiregino, which beautifully embodies the song's atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, tmdistant said, 
This song sums up how I felt throughout a 2/3 year, one-sided relationship— most people would call this a toxic relationship. I found myself living for her rather than myself, and I never really felt able to be myself. I felt trapped. I found myself doing everything in my power to make sure that she was okay regardless of what that did to me. I’ve learned to never put someone ahead of you and your needs ‘cos it breaks you down in the end.