The Best Part Share New Single ‘Fade Out’

The Best Part, an alt-pop duo from Ireland composed of singer/songwriter Aimee Cuffe and songwriter/multi-instrumentalist David Dudeney, have just shared their brand new single Fade Out, an uplifting piece of alt-pop music. 
 I am really enjoying Aimee Cuffe's lovely, distinctive vocals and how they effortlessly convey the emotion of their uplifting and relatable storytelling. Fade Out is a song that aims to remind us that we should never let our light fade out, that no matter all the obstacles life throws at us we should stay true to ourselves and fight for our dreams. This is a message I needed to hear today and I love how it is wrapped around a captivating alt-pop production packed with lush, shimmering synths that are nicely intertwined with punchy drums and soaring guitars that create an overall energetic, expansive atmosphere perfect to lift one's spirits in no time. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, The Best Part said, 
We wrote fade out as an important reminder to ourselves and to everyone else that one should never let their light fade out in times of uncertainty and dissolution. Choosing to be part of an industry where you’re faced with criticism, set backs and disappointments, it’s important to remember what makes us unique and why we do what we do. There will always be challenges and hard times that can dim your light in this world and this is a song that represents the character & courage that it takes to stay true to yourself and to fight whatever it is that’s trying to bring you down.