The Astronomers Share New Single ‘Hotel Rooms’

American duo The Astronomers, consisting of Ben Baker and Michael Stensland, have just shared their brand new single Hotel Rooms, a feel-good piece of electro-pop/rock music. 
What I like the most about this song has to be its energy and passion, which is nicely conveyed through those lovely, expressive vocals soaring effortlessly over the upbeat production. Hotel Rooms is a song about love and to hold on to that love even when you are miles apart. This is a song many that travel a lot for work can relate to and is wrapped around a polished electro/pop-rock production featuring infectious guitar riffs nicely intertwined with punchy percussion, killer beat and synths that create an overall high-energy, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, The Astronomers said,
Hotel Rooms is the story of a musician living out their dream of being on tour all over the country. The record is about the contrast of living out that dream but also missing your partner like crazy. Sometimes being on tour means being away for months from your person and this song tells the bittersweet story of that scenario. It's incredible, it's sad, it's happy, but most of all this song tells you to love someone together or apart because separation makes the heart grow fonder.