Tara Nome Doyle Shares New Single ‘Spider’

Following on from last month's captivating indie-folk cut Caterpillar, Norwegian singer and songwriter Tara Nome Doyle has just shared her brand new single Spider, an enchanting indie/dream-pop song out now via Modern Recordings. 
Taken from her sophomore album Værmin (pronounced Vermin), Spider is one of my favourite songs as its piano-based melody and Tara Nome Doyle's smooth, evocaltive vocals create such a memorable warm and intimate atmosphere that won me over from the start. Spider is a relatable song about the desperation and instability following rejection and Tara beautifully captures these emotions through its powerful production and songwriting. 
Accompanying the release, Tara Nome Doyle has shared its official music video which was shot by Sonja Stadelmaier. Matching the energy of the original song’s bold and atmospheric texture, the new video delivers a wonderfully rich and passionate lens into the artist’s own persona, conjuring a vivid experience throughout. Check it out below!



Speaking about the video, Tara Nome Doyle said, 
In 'Spider' I wanted to capture the desperation and instability that follow rejection. The image of a long-legged spider weaving its web in an attempt to recapture the object of its desire - a fly- seemed very fitting to me and this honest, unpolished dynamic makes 'Spider' one of the most personal songs on my new record 'Værmin'. 
The music video for 'Spider' was created by Sonja Stadelmaier, whose creative vision and photography have been very influential in my visual identity since my first release in 2018. 'Spider' is a very tense and unsettling ballad and we wanted to translate these emotions into a performance-driven music video. There is an insect-like quality to my movements and positions, as well as to the harsh cuts between the scenes that Sonja implemented.