SYML Shares New Single ‘Sweet Home’

SYML, the solo project of multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter and producer Brian Fennell, has just shared his brand new single Sweet Home, a lovely indie-folk song out now via Nettwerk Records. 
I am a fan of SYML's gorgeous, expressive vocals and I am always happy to hear new music from him, and I think you'll love this one. Sweet Home is a heartfelt piece of indie-folk music that offers an intimate glimpse into his current life and the path he travelled. SYML shares with the listeners that the concept of home changes as we grow and it's a combination of places and people that made an impact in our lives. 
I am loving the touches of nostalgia in this song and how SYML's gorgeous vocals glide beautifully over the warm and enticing harmonies embedded within a sweeping orchestral arrangement This is one of those songs perfect for a laid-back, nostalgic day home alone with our thoughts. 
Speaking about the song, SYML said, 
Sweet Home’ is never one place. It is never one person. It is a collision, beautiful and hideous, of every place and every person that we entangle ourselves with that allows us to recognize “home”. This song feels cozy and nostalgic, like the nostalgia of something good is enough to carry us through any storm. That is home.
Accompanying the release, SYML shared its official music video, directed and produced by Dan Newman & Brian Fennell, which effortlessly embodies the song's warm, nostalgic atmosphere. Check it out below!



Going further in regards to the tracks accompanying viddeo SYML explains,
When I wrote Sweet Home, I was feeling nostalgic. What’s interesting is that it was a pretty generic sort of nostalgia. As I spent more time with the song, and what the video might be, it occurred to me that as we grow, our concept of home grows with us. Home will always be some mythical combination of places and people from our past that never stops changing, which makes nostalgia tricky. 
This video is about my memories of home. The obvious starting point was my childhood home. When we got there, I was expecting some big feelings, but my memory of that place had changed so much that it all felt a bit dull. We visited other important places like the university where I studied music education and met my longtime mentor who helped shaped me as a musician. We stood outside an iconic Seattle venue (The Crocodile Cafe) and the house where I lived and wrote the first SYML songs, and it all felt strange. It’s not like these places lost their significance in my life, but they are no longer mine. New people fill those spaces and the idea of sharing nostalgia made me a bit sad. 
We ended the shoot day at my house with my family. Being grounded for the past two years has certainly given me a new sense of home. What’s crazy is that even within the familiarity I have here, my home is changing every day. Babies are born, pets are adopted, little projects around the house . . . always changing. Of course, part of the reason for this video was to share important pieces of my life. I didn’t anticipate that it would help me understand nostalgia better.