Starling Releases New Single ‘Every Single Time’

British alt-pop singer and songwriter Starling returns with her brand new single Every Single Time, a dazzling electro-pop cut that shows the beginning of a new phase for Starling. 
Written alongside Ashton Miranda (Ed Sheeran’s musical director) and mixed by Will Nicholson (Dua Lipa), Every Single Time beautifully showcases Starling's lovely vocals which are quite commanding from start to finish. The song aims to encourage confidence in those around her, showing that we are enough. This message is wrapped around a polished electro-pop production packed with an memorable pianoled melody that is nicely intertwined with a catchy beat that rises into a bold and euphoric chorus. This is one of those songs I'd play while home alone, wanting to unwind after a stressful day and get a dose of confidence. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new single, Starling said,
I want to be a voice for those who have ever felt less than, have ever doubted themselves or have ever felt alone. I wrote Every Single Time about my journey from pain to power. I’d love this song to remind, even if just one person, that they don't need changing, they don't need fixing, they are truly enough. It’s what I always needed to hear and it's what I can now finally feel. It’s fucking liberating.