Shébani Shares New Single ‘Burn Me Out’

Iraqi-born and UAE-raised singer and songwriter Shébani has just shared her brand new single Burn Me Out, an emotional, super smooth piece of Contemporary R&B. 
A metaphor for a cycle that repeats itself, Burn Me Out finds Shébani beautifully showcasing her expressive, soulful vocals and relatable storytelling skills. The song deals with the emotional trauma, gaslighting, and trust issues collected from one relationship and brought into the next. With this song Shébani shines a light at the internal struggle between healing or succumbing from pain, emphasizing we should always choose to heal. This message is wrapped around a warm, chilled out Contemporary R&B production with a steady beat nicely paired with cool guitar plucks that beautifully enhance the emotion pouring from Shébani's gorgeous vocals. Check it out below!