SHAPES & SHADOWS Share New Single ‘Colours’

Canadian band SHAPES & SHADOWS have just shared their sophomore single Colours, a warm piece of electronic/alternative music out now via Eden Blue Records.
I am really enjoying Chris Stickney's smooth, echoing vocals which instantly set the tone for a dreamy piece of music. There's somewhat of an eerie and melancholic vibe that I get while listening to this song and I think you will appreciate it as well. With each listen I find something new in the song, becoming quite an enthralling listening experience. Apart from the dreamy, floating vocals I am really enjoying the captivating production that pairs lush electronic sounds with gorgeous drum patterns and delicate piano chords that enhance the emotion pouring from those vocals and create quite a warm atmosphere that I find perfect for a relaxing, introspective weekend at home. Check it out below!



Chris Stickney (Vocals: Stutterfly, Oceans Apart, Snowdrifts, Last Mountain, Midnight Arcade and Tumbling Lights), Steve Nettleton (Keys/Vocals: Oceans Apart, Last Mountain), Graeme Siewert (Bass/Keys) and Jesse Suderman (Drums/Percussion)