sautereau Shares New Single ‘What If’

New York-based, Swiss singer and songwriter sautereau has just shared her brand new single What If, an optimistic song that illustrates all the memorable moments that stick in our memory, sparking up that intriguing feeling of wanting more. 
Out now via Jumpwater Records, What If beautifully showcases sautereau's lovely, soothing vocals and storytelling abilities that soar over upbeat acoustic guitar-based melodies. The lyrics and the beat transport listeners yearning for that nostalgic feeling of the special times ingrained in memories, showing that anything is possible. The song's warmth makes it perfect for those laid-back days home alone, fondly reminiscing about those good times spent with someone special. Check it out below!



sautereau describes What If as, 
that moment you hit it off with someone for the first time and relive all those little memories that are crisp in your mind. “What If” is an ode to feeling like you’re on the same wavelength as the person you’re with, more so than you thought you could be. It’s about evoking new experiences and discovery, but also an ode to New York City and its little wonders that we often overlook.