Samantha Margret Shares New Single ‘Reliable’

Los Angeles based singer and songwriter Samantha Margret has just shared her brand new single Reliable, an emotionally-charged electro/dream-pop ballad. 
Reliable is a heartbreakingly beautiful song that finds the talented artist baring her soul and showcasing a softer, more vulnerable side that will surely pull-on heart strings more than before. I am a fan of her vocals which beautifully infuse the song with an emotional and ethereal touch that I find quite captivating. Samantha Margret's carefully-crafted lyrics and tender vocals effortlessly connect the listeners to her relatable storytelling, making this quite a memorable and enthralling listening experience packed with so much emotion and soul. Have a listen to this ballad below!



Speaking about the song, Samantha Margret said, 
Sometimes I have an experience, and, afterwards, I think to myself, 'I should write a song about that.' ‘Reliable’ was the other way around. I finished writing and realized, 'oh, I'm going through something.' Music can be really pure that way. It comes from this part of you that hasn't been cognitively processed yet—just feelings made tangible.