RIIVA Shares New Single ‘HTML’

German-American singer and songwriter RIIVA has just shared her brand new single HTML, a super smooth piece of sultry pop/r&b music. 
I am very fond of RIIVA's sassy and smooth vocals which ooze with confidence and sensuality, gliding effortlessly over the warm production. HTML stands for How To Make Love and is a relatable song about sharing both a physical and emotional moment, seeing intimacy as something truly valuable. This message is wrapped around an infectious production that blends neo soul, pop and r&b elements into a memorable listening experience. I am particularly fond of the kille drum sounds that are nicely paired with warm electronics and cool guitars that create the perfect atmosphere for her gorgeous vocals to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, RIIVA said,
HTML stands for How To Make Love. Some people would say it’s a song about sex but it’s not that simple. I long for sexual experiences with more depth, as in emotional closeness. No ego trips and thoughtless booty calls. Just someone who is considerate, values me and treats me well. Some kind of deeper connection is like fuel to my fire!