Restless Modern Shares New Single ‘I Hate That I’m Addicted to the Internet’

Wisconsin-based producer, singer and songwriter Restless Modern has just shared his brand new single I Hate That I’m Addicted to the Internet, an upbeat, 50's-inspired pop song about one's addiction to the internet. 
Restless Modern sings about the way tech companies monitor our behaviours and how they replace our own personal agency of choice with their own predetermined options. This is a song that shows how our own desires, fears and obsessions fuel this vapid world the internet has created. This message is nicely conveyed through his gorgeous, passionate vocal delivery which soars effortlessly over the upbeat retro-tinged production. I am loving the energy of the song with a punchy beat, cool percussion and piano keys that create a larger-than-life atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Restless Modern said, 
The algorithms of today’s online world are a sleight of hand trick in which your personal agency of choice is cleverly replaced with a curated buffet of predetermined options. It’s easy to blame the machinations of well-known profit engines for preying on our most base instincts, but to what degree are we responsible for understanding and taming the rabid neural pleasure centers that we poke and prod, aimlessly searching for a satiation that never comes? “i hate that i’m addicted to the internet” highlights how our personalized desires, fears, and obsessions fuel the monster, desensitizing the youngest among us and luring them into participating in a vapid cycle of desperate performance.