Public Order Share New Single ‘Fear’

Emerging Welsh trio Public Order are back with their eagerly-awaited sophomore single Fear, a killer piece of indie-pop/rock music out now via TYM Recordings. 
I am loving the confidence and attitude-packed vocal delivery which instantly sets the tone for a killer piece of Britpop-infused indie-rock music. Fear has a gritty, feel-good atmosphere that instantly got me in a good mood and wanting to get up and dance to its infectious melodies. This gem focuses on the more rave-inspired elements of the Britpop era to deliver a knock-out punch of blistering beats and gritty guitars. Apart from those gorgeous vocals, I am particularly fond of the gorgeous guitar riffs, killer drum patterns and vibrant textures that create an overall energetic, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about Fear, they said, 
I think fear for us was all about raising the question on how people’s social media followings affected your overall outlook of a person. Like it’s crazy that a number on a profile can change your behaviour around said person. It’s all about being wrapped up in that world, and sort of losing sight of reality really. Mad how a number defines you and your status. It’s like everyone’s ‘famous’ nowadays."