Poppy Prescott Shares Debut Single ‘Man Walks Into A Bar’

British singer and songwriter Poppy Prescott makes her official introduction to the music world with the release of her dreamy debut single Man Walks Into A Bar
What I like the most about this song has to be its warmth and intimate vibes which make it quite a soothing listening experience. Poppy Prescott's smooth, somewhat breathy and expressive vocals are incredibly captivating and draw our attention to her storytelling from start to finish. Man Walks Into A Bar is a conversation between the musician and the audience and a post #MeToo reflection of being a young woman in the music industry. 
Poppy's songwriting is quite natural and effortless, being nicely enhanced by her gorgeous vocals and an intimate production. Apart from her vocals, I am particularly fond of the intricate acoustic guitar melodies that are gently paired with bright electronics, smooth percussive elements and lush harmonies. Man Walks Into A Bar is one of those songs perfect to play when you want to unwind after a stressful day and just relax and enjoy the music. Check it out below!