OREN Shares New Single ‘Hold U’

Following the release of his upbeat single IN YOUR HEAD, which arrived earlier this month, Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter OREN is back with yet another gorgeous piece of music titled Hold U
A song about trying to stay in a toxic relationship at any cost, Hold U effortlessly showcases OREN's gorgeous and powerful R&B-inspired vocals and storytelling abilities. Hold U focuses on a toxic type of love, where someone isn't truly in love but desperate to be seen as special in someone else's eyes. I tend to think that a lot of people, that jump relationship to relationship may be hooked on that feeling of wanting to be seen as special and I think OREN beautifully captures that need to be seen as special in this song. The production blends electro-pop and r&b elements with hints of Middle Eastern music, making it for a memorable listening experience with an infectious beat and overall warm atmosphere. Check it out below!