OLI & Dave Gahan Share New Single ‘Does That Hurt?’

London-based singer and songwriter OLI has just shared her brand new single Does That Hurt?, a collaboration with Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan which finds the artist leaning into a heavier alt-rock sound. 
This is quite a different type of sound that I'm used to hearing from OLI, beautifully showcasing her versatility as a musician. Does That Hurt? features an eclectic mix of sounds that sees OLI's tender voice leading a chorus of guitars and gentle percussion taps, before the song shifts as the contrasting vocals from Gahan are introduced, complimented by other-worldly backing sounds and the occasional riff outburst. Does That Hurt? is a song about two people that don't see eye to eye and is wrapped around a captivating production that finds OLI diverging from pop music to a more alternative and instrument driven sound, with Dave Gahan's darker, more intense vocals, elevating the track with an irresistible push and pull between the two performers. Check it out below!



Speaking of the song’s inspirations, OLI said:
I wanted it to seem like two people who just couldn’t see eye to eye. They both aren’t really listening to each other, they’re stuck. It’s almost like they are interrupting each other throughout the song. A lot of the song was already finished when I first heard it, so I wanted to make it mesh well with what I would sing. I think I wrote 5 or 6 versions of lyrics because I was so nervous to make it work… It’s a special song to me, it’s my first time leaning into the rock genre, and I really love it.