Mokita Shares Emotive New Single ‘Room For Another’

Mokita, the moniker of Nashville singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist John-Luke Carter, is back with his brand new single Room For Another, an emotive new single out now via Nettwerk Music. 
I am a fan of Mokita's super smooth, warm tone and how expressive his vocal delivery is, soaring beautifully over the captivating production. Co-written with Bre Kennedy, Room For Another is a song about letting someone else into your life and how it changes your life. This message is beautifully conveyed through Mokita's evocative and emotive vocals which are backed by infectious melodies packed with lush piano chords nicely intertwined with steady drum patterns and killer bass that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere. 
Accompanying the release, Mokita has shared its lovely music video, directed by David O'Donohue, which beautifully embodies the song's warmth. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Mokita said, 
The song is about the transition of letting someone else into your life. I envisioned it as this two-fold idea; one was on the level of someone occupying this physical space, like the space in a house, and the other was a more metaphysical space where you're making room emotionally for someone else. The whole time I was working on the record, I had this mental snapshot of this house sitting on top of a mountain, and you're there by yourself just dreaming about sharing it with someone.