Mister Lovermore Shares New Single ‘XO’

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and producer Mister Lovermore has just shared his brand new single XO, one of his 3-debut love songs he released on Valentine's Day. 
Written about the long distance struggles he and his fiancé had to go through, XO is a song about longing to be together again and is wrapped around an eclectic blend of indietronica and electro-pop elements. I am very fond of his smooth, expressive vocals which are nicely backed by warm, danceable rhythms, cool drum patterns and lush guitar plucks that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Mister Lovermore said,
I wrote this one about the long distance struggles my fiancé and I had to go through. I was working and traveling a ton while she was on the road on tour skating for months on end. We were always exhausted from the travel as it was, and barely seeing each other, once a month if that. That "West Side Story" was trying to keep our love apart, but you can never keep a true love apart. I just needed to get her back home to L.A.