Michaluk Shares New Single ‘Ascensão’

Mozambican singer and songwriter Michaluk has just shared his brand new single Ascensão, a super smooth piece of soulful pop music. 
It's always a pleasure to share great music in my Portuguese language and even if you don't understand, I am sure you'll be able to feel the emotion pouring from Michaluk's voice and chilled out production. Ascensão (literally translated to Ascension) is a song about forgiving a betrayal and finally overcoming that period in life. This is such an enthralling listening experience oozing so much emotion and warmth that makes it perfect for a relaxing day at home. I am particularly fond of the intricate guitar melodies that beautifully back Michaluk's smooth vocals and create an overall intimate atmosphere that enhances the emotion of his storytelling. Check it out below!