Memorial Share New Single ‘Fake Moon’

Fast-rising British folk-pop duo Memorial, consisting of artists Jack and Ollie, have just shared their brand new single Fake Moon, the title track of their 5-track EP out now via Lucy Rose’s Real Kind Records (Bess Atwell, Samatha Crain). 
With their highly-anticipated self-titled debut album arriving on April 29th, Fake Moon finds the talented duo continuing to showcase more of the warm and sweeping aesthetic that we've grown used to hearing from them. This gem is packed with so much raw, honest emotion that won me over from the start. With the duo’s Ollie Spalding taking the lead vocals this time around, we get to experience a rare glimpse into the songwriter’s more personal prose, making for a captivating and intimate listen throughout. Ollie's voice is pure gold and you can really feel the emotion pouring from his vocal delivery, beautifully infusing the song with a vulnerable touch that is enhanced by the intricate acoustic guitar melodies that create an overall melancholic and intimate atmosphere. Listening to this song makes me think of those cold winter days home alone with my thoughts, thinking about my life and what could have been. Definitely a memorable and enthralling piece of pop/folk music that I think you will enjoy. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new single, Ollie said, 
Fake moon was written at a time in my life when nothing was going right! I was fully dedicated to writing music for so long that when I stopped and looked around me I realised I was older and more lost than ever. Pretty much all my friends were in meaningful and healthy relationships & I was yearning for the same thing, but also felt as though I was too busy to ever hold anything down. 
I was in a rut, just hitting my mid 20s. That’s when the movies and stories say you’ll be settling down and having kids! The pressures of expectation can really drag on young people. It feels there’s such a short window of time to materialise these things or achieve success, that if you don’t feel ready at that moment, it’ll never happen. It’s those circumstances that amount to such a low feeling. 
This song was originally written in a first person perspective, but we had such a strong feeling of not being alone in this situation and that focusing on the self, takes away from the gravity of the sentiment, so we decided to change it. For people who hear themselves in this song, I really hope it makes you feel less alone. Everyone is different, just keep being yourself and doing what you love!