Madeleine Rauch Shares New Single ‘Obsessed’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Madeleine Rauch has just shared her brand new single Obsessed, a soulful piece of r&b music out now via Sonder House. 
I am really enjoying Madeleine Rauch's sultry, confident vocal delivery which soars effortlessly over the Jordan Sherman and Josh Jacobson production. Obsessed is a song about a past romance, wondering what could have been, beautifully showcasing Madeleine's gorgeous vocals and storytelling abilities. This relatable song is wrapped around a captivating production with chill r&b vibes nicely paired with cool guitars, steady percussion and a bassy, groovy chorus. The whole atmosphere of the song is quite relaxing, sounding great for those laid-back weekends at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Madeleine Rauch said, 
During this time when we all had to stay at home so much I tended to give room to all my daydreaming and fantasies and used them as inspiration for my songwriting. And in this song, it's about a relationship or romantic encounter from the past that might feel unfinished and you wonder if you met that person again, would there still be a spark? And then you can't stop thinking about the person and the possibilities and start kind of obsessing – hence the name of the song.”