Lyrah Shares New Single ‘Hold Me’

San Francisco-based indie-pop singer and songwriter Lyrah has just shared her brand new single Hold Me, a super smooth piece of indie electronic music. 
I am loving Lyrah's smooth, breathy vocal delivery and how it instantly infuses the song with a memorable touch of emotion and vulnerability. Produced by Jon Wienner and Nick Booth, Hold Me is a song about wanting to have someone to hold you when you go through a dark place in your life. This relatable message is wrapped around a stunning production packed with lush rhythms nicely paired with a killer bass, subtle guitar plucks and expansive synths that create an overall chill and intimate atmosphere that I find great for those late night drives or days home alone. This is definitely my favourite song of hers so far! Have a listen to this gem below!



Speaking about the song, Lyrah said, 
I wrote this when I was living with my parents a year into the pandemic. I was making music out of their garage (so literally my own garage band lol). I made this one night when I wanted to create something comforting. The song is about wanting someone to hold you if you lost your mind and accepting that a dark place is okay when you know it’s temporary.