Louis Pax Share New Single ‘Spanish Rain’

Swedish pop band Louis Pax, consisting of lead singer Oscar Reingsdahl, his brother Gustav Reingsdahl on guitar, friends Hannes Tingfors on bass, and Hannes Pennsäter on drums, have just shared their brand new single Spanish Rain, a melancholy-infused piece of indie-pop music. 
I am a fan of Oscar Reingsdahl's emotive and passionate vocal delivery which instantly grabs the listener's attention to their relatable storytelling. With this song, the band capture that brokenhearted moment when you finally realise that all that you thought you had and held, is now out of your grasp and beyong control. Oscar's vocals are definitely my favourite part of the song and I like how they glide beautifully over a captivating blend of acoustic guitar riffs, steady percussion, warm rhythms, delicate piano keys and subtle horns that create an overall intimate and melancholic atmosphere. Check it out below!