Little Winter Share New Single ‘Only 19’

Danish quintet Little Winter have just shared their brand new single Only 19, the latst single to be taken from their upcoming album, WONDERLOST, set to arrive this Fall/Autumn via Celebration Records.
Only 19 is an upbeat and colourful piece of indie pop music about two common and somewhat incompatible approaches to being part of a particular relationship when one struggles to keep up with the other's energy. This message is beautifully conveyed through lovely vocals which soar effortlessly over upbeat indie-pop melodies. I am particularly fond of the infectious guitar riffs throughout the song and how they are nicely paired with steady drum patterns and warm rhythms that create an overall feel-good and danceable atmosphere. 
Accompanying the release, Little Winter share its official music video, directed by Benjamin Sejbjerg, which features Veonika Rud Rasmussen as both lead character and lead choreographer. The video takes on a 70’s film set vibe. A guy wants to stay at home and just chill while his girlfriend wants to party and enjoy being young and dance the night away... Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Nikolai Ryan said,
I was dating a girl in my teenage years. She was everything other than boring. Every weekend was one big party that never stopped. In the end I couldn’t keep up anymore. I ended up feeling like an old fart compared to her insane energy. Many years later we wrote this song and we really wanted to incorporate her good vibes and insane energy into the track and video, and tell the story from both sides.