Lee Switzer-Woolf Shares New Single ‘A Printout of Task-Driven Love’

British singer and songwriter Lee Switzer-Woolf has just shared his brand new single A Printout of Task-Driven Love, a melancholy-infused piece of folk music. 
I am really enjoying the emotion and vulnerability pouring from his alluring vocals which instantly draw the listener's attention to his storytelling. Taken from his debut album Scientific Automatic Palmistry, which is out now via All Will Be Well Records, A Printout of Task-Driven Love is a sad acoustic folk song that slowly builds with simple strings to electronic elements to complete a folktronica sound that is quite captivating. What I love the most about the song is the intricate acoustic guitar-based melody and how much emotion pours from Lee Switzer-Woolf's vocals. Check it out below!