Kyle Hume Shares New Single ‘Better Off Without Me’

American artist and producer Kyle Hume has just shared his brand new single Better Off Without Me, an emotive pop song written out of the place he had found himself in past relationships. 
I am a fan of Kyle Hume's distinctive tone and how passionate and emotive his vocal delivery is (I adore when he hits those higher notes), instantly making us feel each and every single word he is singing. Better Off Without Me is a song about knowing that you can't be the person they need you to be, even if they don't want to let go. This is quite a sad song, where you try and make that other person see that you're not good for them, and you still love them and you wish they find someone that would be the right one for them. This song is packed with so much emotion that is nicely enhanced by the emotive piano chords that are beautifully intertwined with a cool beat and lush, cinematic strings that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere. Have a listen to this gem below!