Kev Kelly Shares New Single ‘Faster’

Nashville-based pop singer and songwriter Kev Kelly has just shared his brand new single Faster, an upbeat pop song out now via LBK Entertainment. 
I am really enjoying the tone of his voice and how passionate his vocal delivery is, effortlessly connecting the listeners to his storytelling. Apart from his lovely vocals, I am very fond of the driving guitar lines which instantly set the tone for the whole song and how they are nicely paired with a killer beat and steady percussion that create an overall upbeat atmosphere. I am also really enjoying the chorus and how it got me singing along to it in no time. Faster is an upbeat, feel-good piece of pop music that reminds me of those long summer drives. Accompanying the release, Kev Kelly has shared its official music video which you can check out below!



Speaking about the song, Kev Kelly said, 
I hate when couples call each other their “partner in crime”. My guy, you and Trent are going to chipotle, you’re not committing federal offenses. So what if you actually committed a crime? What if you and your “PIC” robbed a god damn bank together. Bet you’d turn on one another real quick huh? Money feels better when you don’t have to share it. Fuck outta here.