Karim Naas Shares New Single ‘What They Say’

French electronic music producer and DJ Karim Naas has just shared his brand new single What They Say, an upbeat and uplifting piece of EDM out now via Island Def Jam France/Naas Music Publishing. 
Opening the track with his trademark punchy production and warm, emotive vocals, Naas deftly creates anticipation before diving headfirst into the ecstatic and cathartic chorus. The song's killer bass and infectious beat contrast beautifully with the smooth, emotive vocals which instantly infuse the song with a memorable dose of emotion while also making it perfect to sing along to. What They Say is packed with tons of energy and confidence, making it perfect to be the soundtrack of a blissful, carefree weekend out with friends. Have a listen to this euphoric piece of EDM below!



Speaking about the song, Karim Naas said,
When listening to ‘What They Way’, I want people to feel like they’re unstoppable and that anything is possible, it’s what you need to hear when you’re feeling like everything around you is out of control.