Joseph Feinstein Share New Single ‘fuck off’

German singer, songwriter and producer Joseph Feinstein has just shared his first single credited under his own name, fuck off
Out now via CloudKid, fuck off is a rock-infused, urban pop record packed with tons of energy and confidence, instantly winning me over after the very first listen. I am particularly fond of his vocals and how passionate his vocal delivery is, oozing with attitude and soul. fuck off is a relatable song about constantly relapsing into a toxic relationship until you finally realise that you've had enough. You start thinking clearly and notice that this pattern isn't healthy in the long term and all you need to do is walk away from such situation. This message is wrapped around a memorable production packed with gorgeous guitar riffs nicely intertwined with a catchy beat that create an overall confident and warm atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Joseph Feinstein said,
The song chronicles me constantly relapsing into a relationship that gave me nothing but ephemeral pleasure and second thoughts. Because I wasn’t able to act rationally in that situation, I really started to question my values and needs while noticing that, metaphorically, I had a knife in my back the entire time. Essentially this track is my final message, wrapping up everything I was too stunted to say in those moments, into a big ‘FUCK OFF.'