Jordan Brynn Shares New Single ‘I Hate Loving You’

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Jordan Brynn has just shared her brand new single I Hate Loving You, a warm piece of folk music taken from her forthcoming EP, You Like Me Better
I am really enjoying her lovely, dulcet tone which instantly infuse the song with a vulnerable and intimate touch that I find quite captivating. I Hate Loving You is a song about being in a toxic relationship yet you love that person so much despite them giving you every reason not to. Unfortunately we can't tell our hearts who to love and Jordan Brynn beautifully captures these feelings through this lovely piece of music. I am particularly fond of the intricate acoustic guitar riffs that are nicely paired with a steady percussion, which create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere for her gorgeous vocals to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Jordan said,
This is a song about the pain and frustration that comes with loving someone so easily despite them giving you every reason not to. It’s the culmination of a relationship that is captivatingly toxic and keeps you wanting more, only because it leaves you so empty. I wrote this song this past summer, when I was growing and healing, and yet somehow still a little stuck in the past.