Jo Sarah Shares New Single & Video ‘Juicy’

Amsterdam-based singer and producer Jo Sarah has just shared her brand new single Juicy, an ode to female orgasms.
I am really enjoying the confidence and sensuality pouring from Jo Sarah's lush vocals which are nicely backed by a memorable production packed with a spacial trap-infused beat. Juicy is a song about an amazing night with someone special and getting the perfect orgasm, sharing an overall female empowerment message for women to enjoy their sexuality without any shame. The whole production has quite a warm and seductive atmosphere that makes it perfect to be the soundtrack of some steamy bedroom sessions. 
This lovely song is accompanied by a captivating and colourful music video, directed by Leanne Vink, which beautifully enhances the song's warmth and sensual atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Jo Sarah said,
My new song & video 'Juicy' is an ode to female orgasms. It's a celebration of the power & beauty of having an orgasm as a woman. It's not something to be ashamed of, keep quiet, or even forget about, but for every woman to feel empowered by and enjoy. Juicy has a spacial trap beat allowing Jo Sarah’s vocals to soar through the mix and come alive with raw and thrilling performance. The song is about the perfect night, with the perfect partner, and getting the perfect orgasm. It travels from what happens to her mind, to her body, ending with her soul, a full eclectic and fire-work show of an experience. I believe that every woman on this planet should be able to enjoy sex and her sexuality in a safe way without the blocks of shame, danger, or miseducation about her body and what she's capable of having. And I am raising awareness for this belief through my music and my videos.