Jenn Nucum Shares New Single ‘Monuments’

Canadian singer and songwriter Jenn Nucum has just shared her brand new single Monuments, a captivating ambient alt-rock song. 
Inspired by Jenn's childhood experiences that continue to echo and affect her daily life as a diasporic Filipinx person, Monuments is a song about growing up and being groomed to fit in western society, beautifully giving us a glimpse at Jenn's life. I am really enjoying Jenn Nucum's gorgeous, emotive vocals that instantly draw our attention to her personal storytelling. I am very fond of the way the song starts quite smooth with steady drum patterns, lush strings and melodic guitar licks before the track bursts into catharsis with soaring guitar riffs and punchy drums. Have a listen to this lovely song below!



Speaking about the song, Jenn Nucum said,
This song is about being groomed to be palatable to western society, facing cultural erasure starting at a young age, and being forced to navigate oppressive colonial systems and institutions as a racialized person.