Jeni Schapire Shares New Single ‘Loose Ends’

Nashville-based songwriter, singer, and producer Jeni Schapire has just shared her brand new single Loose Ends, a dreamy piece of indie-electronic music. 
Co-written with Schapire's best friend Julia Berrebi and produced with her other friend's, Daniel Markus and Matthew Young (TWINKIDS), Loose Ends is a humble, contemplative track that draws on the grief and experiences learned during the pandemic. This message is beautifully conveyed through Jeni's smooth vocals and haunting harmonies that are nicely backed by an expansive electronic production that creates an overall warm and dreamy atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone. 
This lovely song is accompanied by a captivating music video, directed by Ryan Hamblin, which finds Schapire draped in cloth and wrapped in rope and twine, slowly breaking free from what has kept her trapped for so long. With a focus on the sublime, the pastoral nature of the imagery draws you in like a guided meditation. Check it out below!



As Schapire said,
We were both dating people who were clearly wrong for us, but with all the loss we clung for dear life to these people– praying and hoping that at least we could have that joy. We imagined the lives we’d have, so vastly different from the circumstances around us.