Henri Iznaga Shares New Single ‘How’d You Feel?’

Cuban-American singer, songwriter and music producer Heri Iznaga has just shared his brand new single How'd You Feel?, an upbeat piece of dance/pop music. 
I am really enjoying the tone of Heri Iznaga's vocals and how they beautifully infuse the song with a touch of vulnerability and emotion. How'd You Feel? is a relatable song about asking a partner how would they feel if things go south, showcasing a touch of uncertainty within the relationship. As much as we want things to last a lifetime, there's always that doubt and uncertainty in the back of our minds. This message is wrapped around a polished blend of dance and pop elements packed with a groovy beat throughout the song that is nicely paired with lush synths and cool piano chords that create an overall warm, danceable atmosphere perfect for a chill weekend out in the sun.



Speaking about the song, Heri Iznaga said,
This song was born out of the feeling of uncertainty. Is asking the other person how would they feel if things go south, would they even care? It's a very vulnerable place to be in and to ask yourself these questions, we never want to think about these things to begin with and even more so with past relationship trauma, we all want good things to last a lifetime