Gio Bermejo Shares New Single ‘NOTE 117’

Spanish singer and songwriter Gio Bermejo has just shared his brand new single NOTE 117, a retro-infused piece of soulful pop music. 
Sang in Spanish, NOTE 117 is a heartwarming song about the early stages of a relationship and how addictive those feelings and rush of dopamine can be. This relatable message is beautifully conveyed through Gio Bermejo's stunning, powerful vocals which are packed with so much emotion that instantly makes us feel each and every single word he is singing. Even if you don't understand Spanish you can clearly feel the heart and passion pouring from his voice, which is nicely backed by a warm, retro-tinged production packed with intricate guitar melodies that create an overall nostalgic and laid-back atmosphere. 
Accompanying the release, Gio Bermejo shared a lovely music video that embodies the 50s aesthetic and retro atmosphere, beautifully enhancing the emotion of his storytelling. Check it out below!