Faybl Share Emotionally-Charged New Single ‘Island’

Colorado-based duo Faybl have just shared their brand new single Island, an emotionally-charged piece of Progressive House music out now via Our Story Records. 
I am a sucker for emotional pieces of House music and this one really got me hooked after the very first listen. The duo's signature sound is on stunning display with this new track, which opens with soulful vocals belting out heartfelt lyrics over a high-energy dance production. Island shares a positive message of spreading love, to be there for your friends and loved ones. This message is wrapped around a memorable Progressive House production packed with a goosebump-inducing drop full of big room energy and soaring melodies that make this gem into a tearjerker on the festival stage. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Faybl said,
In a time when many people in our lives and around the world are facing a lot of adversity, we feel it's more important than ever to emphasize being there to build up and support your friends and loved ones. Much of our current culture is so focused on showing what we have and trying to present the best versions of ourselves that we can often neglect building sound support systems and making sure we participate in supporting those we care about. We wanted to create a house tune with influences from artists like Illenium and Seven Lions to create an emotional yet powerful and fresh take on progressive house and festival culture. We hope this song will inspire people to reach out to their friends and family and remind them how much they appreciate them. Life is short, and we often take the life and people we have while trying to chase something else for granted. We first played this song at the end of our set at Red Rocks opening for Illenium, which is a venue that we had been dreaming of playing from the moment we started making music. With the incredible crowd response, we decided that it should be the song to kick off 2022 with this new sound.