Eloise Viola Shares New Single ‘Begging’

London-based singer and songwriter Eloise Viola has just shared her brand new single Begging, a sultry piece of r&b.
I am really enjoying the tone of Eloise Viola's lush vocals and how confident they sound, soaring beautifully over the warm production. Begging is an emotive modern power r&b ballad that addresses the way women are treated in positions of power. This message is wrapped around a memorable production packed with smooth r&b beats accompanied by powerful synths which create the perfect atmosphere for Eloise's signature vocal style and message to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Eloise Viola said,

“Begging” is a song that addresses the "what if" situation about women in positions of power, a comment on how women are treated particularly as referenced in male-led, "Bond"-esque films. The lyric "All nice guys go to heaven" underpins the meaning of the song, that men seem to get away with bad behaviour but outspoken women are called out and criticised.