Electric Neon Clouds Shares New Single ‘I’ve Waited’

Electric Neon Clouds, the moniker of Canadian singer-songwriter Jeremy Cornellier, has just shared his brand new single I've Waited, a captivating pop song packed with tons of emotion, out now via Maison Slique. 
Recorded, written performed and produced by Jeremy and Vann Delorey, I've Waited beautifully showcases Jeremy's powerful and dynamic vocal delivery which is packed with raw emotion, instantly connecting the listeners to his storytellinng. I am really enjoying the epic pop production of the song and how it beautifully pairs pop, electronic and gospel elements into a memorable listening experience. Apart from his vocals I am very fond of the lush piano chords that are nicely paired with a steady beat, warm rhythms and a beautiful Gospel choir that enhances the emotion of his storytelling and makes the song perfect to sing along to.Check it out below!