Eiza Murphy Shares New Single ‘LA’

Los Angeles-based Irish singer and songwriter Eiza Murphy is back with her brand new single LA, a captivating pop song she wrote about her sister when she first moved. 
I am absolutely in LOVE with Eiza Murphy's emotive and heartbreaking vocal delivery which sits on top of a stunning minimalist production that escalates throughout the song. LA deals with the stereotypes surrounding Los Angeles and the idea that your mental health is more important than any outside factors - including where you are in the world. This powerful storytelling is wrapped around a memorable production packed with an infectious beat that is nicely intertwined with warm rhythms, killer bass, emotive piano chords and lovely electronics that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere for Eiza's gorgeous vocals and haunting harmonies to soar. This is such a gem (Giving me Lana Del Rey, Julia Michaels and Billie Eilish vibes) and I am super excited to share it with you. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Eiza Murphy said, 
I wrote LA before I had ever been there. It’s about my sister when she first moved. She was in the most beautiful places, meeting lots of people, so it looked like she was having the best time when really, she was calling me nearly every day crying. There’s also a stereotype about LA being superficial and lonely. So I wrote this song about my sister but also about that stereotype. Now that I’ve moved here, it’s kind of funny because I’ve had the most opposite experience to what I was expecting. LA surprised me in the best way and I haven’t felt any of the feelings that I wrote about (yet).