Doppe & Kokke Share New Single ‘Asleep in the Alley’

Time to dance! Let's end the weekend with a banger! Talented Swiss music producing duo Doppe & Kokke are back with their brand new single Asleep in the Alley, a stunning melodic deep house cut out now via Schusby Records. 
I am loving the song's uplifting atmosphere and how it instantly made me want to get up, close my eyes and surrender to its hypnotic beat. The duo continues to showcase their incredible talent to deliver energetic and melodic pieces of house music and Asleep in the Alley is the perfect example of that. I am loving the immersive and atmospheric intro which is nicely joined by a punchy beat that will get you dancing in no time. 
I am very fond of the smooth, soothing vocals which glide effortlessly over the warm house production. Asleep in the Alley has a dense and immersive approach to production, which makes it stand out for its thick layering of background atmospheric sounds and melodies. If you're into hypnotic pieces of deep house music with lush piano chords, smooth vocals, infectious beat and an overall timeless warmth and chill atmosphere, then you'll love this gem. Check it out below!