Devin Kennedy Shares New Single ‘Follow Through’

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Devin Kennedy has just shared his brand new single Follow Through, a smooth indie-pop cut about the sacrifices we all make in the pursuit of our life-long goals and aspirations. 
I am a fan of Devin Kennedy's super smooth, expressive vocals which beautifully convey the emotion of his relatable storytelling. Written and produced by Devin Kennedy himself, Follow Through is a song about the moments, time and relationships we've sacrificed in the pursuit of our dreams. Missing birthdays, holidays, important moments, losing touch with old friends and family is unfortunately part of the equation for anyone with big ambitions. This message is nicely wrapped around a polished indie-pop/rock production featuring a killer electric guitar-based melody nicely paired with a punchy beat and warm rhythms that create the perfect atmosphere for Devin's vocals and storytelling to soar. 
Speaking about the song, Devin said, 
It’s easy to keep your head down and continue working through everything, but it’s difficult when you realize how much you’ve lost and forgotten along the way. I know regardless of the goal, many people share a similar experience, losing track of moments, time and relationships while focusing on themselves. 
 Accompanying the release, Devin Kennedy shared its official, self-directed, music video which was shot inside a tipped over hot air balloon. Check it out below!