Chaz Cardigan Shares New Single ‘Rockwell’

Nashville-based alt-pop/rock singer and songwriter Chaz Cardigan has just shared his brand new single Rockwell, an upbeat indie-pop/rock song. 
Out now via Nvak Collective, Rockwell is a song about the fantasy of American excellence set to a hard-hitting infectious pop beat. This is a song about the relationship of the United States with people that dont fit its traditional norms, documenting what it feels to be an American when the country is not designed for you. I am loving Chaz Cardigan's passionate vocal delivery which is nicely wrapped around an edgy, high-energy alt-rock production with punchy drums and soaring guitars.
Speaking about the song, Chaz Cardigan said,
Over the last few songs I’ve released I’ve been telling a story, and looking at my relationship with the United States as if it was my lover. In ‘We Look So Good’ and ‘Pictures,’ I’m picking apart the relationship and saying, ‘wow, this looks really unhealthy.’ ‘Rockwell’ is the fantasy of what the relationship could be. Total ecstasy in the white picket fence myth — traditional gender norms, power, and institutions that care about you. It’s a lie, but it’s fucking fun to believe in. 
The track is paired with an equally compelling yet playful video, directed by Bia Jurema, which you can check out below!



Speaking about the video, Chaz said,
This video is the best execution of an idea I’ve ever had, start-to-finish. In the past I would come to the table with a concept or a full treatment, and the idea would always get lost in the collaboration process; but Bia Jurema just got it. She really, fully understood what I was going for. We set out to make a complete visual album together that our last two videos are a part of, but ‘Rockwell’ was always the starting center of gravity for us. This sitcom, camp, queering of the American man; deconstructing what it feels like to be powerful and having a blast doing it.