Charissa Shares New Single ‘People Like You’

Canadian singer and songwriter Charissa has just shared her brand new single People Like You, a heartfelt piece of acoustic/americana music. 
Written in honour of Charissa’s late friend in hopes of shining a light on positivity and love, People Like You beautifully showcases Charissa's emotive vocal delivery which is packed with raw, honest emotion that instantly connects us to her heartfelt storytelling. The song's positive message is nicely backed by intricate acoustic guitar-based melodies that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere for both Charissa's gorgeous vocals and storytelling to soar. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Charissa said, 

Sometimes when we go through hard times, I think we can forget the impact we have on people’s lives, so it’s a reminder that we are all special in this world. Even when you feel small, I hope you know that you matter.