Caroline Romano Shares New Single ‘Grocery Store’

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Caroline Romano has just shared her brand new single Grocery Store, a gorgeous bedroom/lo-fi pop song taken from her debut album, Oddities & Prodigies, out now via Hashtag Entertainment. 
I am a fan of Caroline Romano's super smooth, somewhat breathy vocals which ooze so much emotion, effortlessly connecting us to her relatable storytelling. Grappling with loneliness and the longing for connection, Grocery Store is an achingly beautiful song that encapsulates the album as a whole. I am loving the vulnerability and the hopeful vibe of the song which finds Caroline's gorgeous vocals nicely backed by a warm production packed with intricate guitar riffs that are seamlessly intertwined with a catchy beat, lush piano chords and percussive elements that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for a relaxing and introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



About "Grocery Store," Caroline writes:
I spend a lot of time in grocery stores. It’s where I kill my time and where I look for more of it. I like to walk around the produce section and people watch. It makes me feel less lonely. I fell in love for the first time at a Kroger in Nashville, and I found myself still going back there in hopes that I might run into him between the aisles. It was “our place” in some weird sort of way. 'Grocery Store' is the kind of love song I can relate to because it’s real. We all spend so much of our lives walking up and down freezer aisles, and I don’t want to discount that as a place where beautiful things can still occur. I write what I know, and I know grocery stores, heartbreak, and looking for familiar faces in the checkout line.