Burlington Shares New Single ‘Summer’s Calling’

South-African born London based singer, songwriter and producer Burlington has just shared his brand new single Summer's Calling, an upbeat indie-pop song. 
I am really enjoying his distinctive vocals which are packed with so much heart and soul, effortlessly connecting the listeners to his relatable storytelling. Summer's Calling is a nostalgia-infused piece of music about those carefree summer days out enjoying the warm sunshine. It encourages us to have the same mindset we have during the summer to face the rest of the year. This uplifting message is wrapped around an energetic indie-pop production packed with intricate guitar riffs nicely intertwined with catchy drum patterns, lush synths and warm rhythms that create an overall feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Talking about the track Burlington says, 
In this song I draw a few comparisons with summer to life, in particular to mine. During summer everyone loves to get out and do things, explore nature and enjoy the warm sunshine. I take that idea and try to use it in other life decisions, why wait to pursue that dream or idea? When it’s summer time we don’t really think twice about getting outdoors so that’s how I feel some decisions should be made, not with too much pressure or thought on them, just get out and do it. I also hope it gets everyone who is in the winter season wherever they are excited for summer!