Brian Walker Shares New Single ‘Ring Ring’

American Pop/R&B singer and songwriter and producer Brian Walker is back with his brand new single Ring Ring, an upbeat song about not getting tangled up in the past. 
I am a fan of Brian Walker's smooth, expressive vocals and here they are definitely the star of the song. Ring Ring is a relatable song about being in a complicated relationship which didn't work out, leaving you brokenhearted. Following the frustration and pain of being played, you build back your life and become sucessful, making that person want to come back to your life. But you've moved on and you're not going to get tangled up in the past. It's a song about growing from a breakup, not allowing someone to play with your heart and is wrapped around a memorable blend of R&B and Pop elements with a highly infectious chorus perfect to sing along to. 
Accompanying the release, Brian Walker has shared its captivating, self-directed music video which beautifully embodies the song's message and atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Brian Walker said, 

At the time of writing this song, I was going through this complicated relationship with this girl, which you can see shown in the first half of the Ring Ring music video. I imagined what my life and her life might look like a few years down the road, and that was what sparked the idea the second half of the song/video. I was quite frustrated and upset at the time, which is what inspired the tone for the lyrics and music. It was liberating and super fun for me to write this song and shoot this video that shows me rising above it all, finding someone new, finally reaching those dreams I had been chasing, and not getting tangled up in the past. With this being my first ever solo music video as well, this song will always carry some extra meaning for me.