Brett Lin Shares New Single ‘You Don’t Need Me’

Toronto-based singer, songwriter, music producer and audio engineer Brett Lin has just shared his brand new single You Don't Need Me, a captivating pop song that captures the dilemma of being in a long-distance relationship. 
Written, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Brett Lin himself, You Don't Need Me is a desperate outcry towards that someone who has given up on the relationship and they just turned their back and left us in pain no matter how much we scream for them to stay. I am really enjoying his smooth, soulful vocals and how passionate his vocal delivery is, soaring beautifully over the warm melodies. I am also very fond of the way the song builds up with energy which nicely enhances the emotion of his relatable storytelling. You Don't Need Me is a catchy heartbreak song with smooth vocals and overall laid-back vibes that make it perfect for a relaxing day at home. Check it out below!