Ben Sefton Shares New Single ‘Harrison’

Canadian artist Ben Sefton has just shasred his brand new single Harrison, a captivating indie-pop song about the pain of a teenage misanthrope. 
I am really enjoying the eclectic production and how the song has a retro vibe that I feel it makes it stand out even more from others within the genre. Harrison is Ben Sefton's indignant attempt at turning the private pain of a teenage misanthrope into an anthem. I am really enjoying the tone of his voice and how it is backed with lush piano chords nicely intertwined with punchy drum patterns, soaring guitars and groovy electronics that create an overall warm, anthemic atmosphere. 
Accompanying the release, Ben Sefton has shared its official music video, directed by Aaron Sinclair, which takes the viewers to an 80s-inspired high school setting. Check it out below!